Brand New Beginnings

So. Here I am. In Liverpool; home of the Scousers, land of the free and place of vague familiarity. And yes, it’s all brand new.

I moved here on the 20th. I’ve been here exactly a week now and there’s so much to sort it’s almost unreal.

Let’s backtrack then. Way back to about 4 years ago. I was about to start university and move all the way to Wales from my Northern home, Preston. 161 miles away was a small little seaside town where I was to spend the following 4 years of my life, Aberystwyth. 10339759_10152447726237608_677261691411762710_n

I absolutely loved it here. My 3 years at university were amazing. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t without its trials, but I wouldn’t have stayed on in the area for an extra year if I didn’t like the place. After graduating in 2015 I got a job and a flat in Aberystwyth and decided to stay on for that little bit longer. It was brilliant but I was almost an ex-student in denial, choosing to spend most of my social life in the university scene again. That meant however that when all my friends from the year below graduated Aberystwyth started to feel like a totally different place. It was still great but now the only reason I was there was to work and with a big announcement and my job security becoming questionable I had to think fast.

I started looking for other jobs in the area but different elements preventing me from finding anything, so I decided I needed to relocate. Somewhere closer to home, somewhere closer to friends, somewhere cheaper and somewhere with a lot more job opportunities. Bam, I ended up in Liverpool. I’m sharing a house with friends from university and already feel more positive about my prospects here.


HOWEVER, moving from one area to another after 4 years comes with its own problems and to do lists as long as my arm. I forgot how much there was to sort when you move areas. Not only do you have to learn a completely new way of life, new accent and the geography of a new area but…THERE’S SO MUCH ADMIN. I have to change addresses on everything, I have to cancel contracts with things based in Aber, but then I can’t sign up for new things till I’ve changed my address on that thing. And then you think you’ve sorted that thing and then you realise you haven’t done something else. It’s a nightmare.

I digress though. It’s a new start in a new area where there are so many more opportunities for things to do and jobs to be had. I’ll have new social circles and newer adventures to be had. For now, I’m settling in and readjusting. I miss Aberystwyth and the people there but a move had to be made so here’s to the next 4 years. May they be just as awesome.


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