A Series of Unfortunate Events

Okay so in late 2016 Netflix announced it wold be producing its own series of Lemony
Snicket’s cult classic ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ and I’M SO EXCITED FOR IT! As a fan of all things slightly dark, weird and wacky I devoured the books much to my mothers dismay. They aren’t the happiest of stories but the cl
ue is in the name so I don’t see what the problem is. I loved the initial mystery behind who Lemony Snicket was, I loved how he tried to convince readers of the stories truth and all and all they were just my kind of books. If you haven’t read them before I would really urge you to do so, I really don’t think there’s a target age for the books because the sinister nature and elements of tragedy within them hit anyone. They’re the kind of books you read and feel your skin crawling but you just can’t stop. The warped humour, the tone Snicket communicates in his writing is unlike anything else I’ve read since.

Book+TitlesWhen the film came out in 2004 I remember my mum almost forbidding me from watching it so I waited till it’s television debut and it was brilliant. The casting of Jim Carrey as Count Olaf was so well thought through and he absolutely made the film. Eventually the rest of my family saw the film and all loved it for different reasons, for my parents its the casting, my brothers the humour and my sister its weirdness. My only qualms with it though is how fast it flicked through each of the books, only really taking you up to number three and not really giving you a chance to appreciate the misery Snicket had the Baudelaire siblingssnicket08 experience. The darkness wasn’t there because it was pitched as a children’s film and only given a PG rating. Don’t get me wrong I still love the film and
can’t count how many times I’ve seen it but the feelings I had when I read the books just weren’t there. Not only that but as mentioned before, it only really took you up to book number three with no sign of continuing through the next ten. In my opinion they could have easily made a film for each book and it been like the Harry Potter franchise for us weirdo’s.

But maybe, just maybe that’s what the new Netflix series will do. The information we’ve been given about the upcoming series is next to nothing, we don’t even know if the so called teaser trailer was legitimate or not. It’s so brilliant regardless of whether it comes from Netflix or not and the mystery surrounding it so like that surrounding the original series that I don’t think I ever want to know. We have no release date butIZBjjtQ what we do know is that Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) is writing the screenplays and if anything, that makes me so ridiculously happy. For that reason alone I think it’s gonna be so so so good.
Neil Patrick Harris is on board to play Count Olaf and as a big lover of NPH I can completely see him in that role.

However, I do have my doubts about the production. Also billed in the growing cast list are Joan Cusack, Patrick Warburton and K. Todd Freeman, while all brilliant actors in their own rights I am slightly wary of what this will mean for the series. In the books, the world the characters inhabit is never fully defined. There are no real geographical markers and no time period is established (the children use Morse Code but then can buy fibre optic cables) which allows the reader to let their imagination loose. The world of the Baudelaire’s can be exactly as weird or dark or normal as your want it to be. However, Netflix is an American company and with a majority American cast I worry that how the series is presented will come from a heavily American standpoint. There won’t be any ambiguity or mystery, things will be clear cut and for me that would take away from the general ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ vibe. I know I’m being picky but as such a massive fan I really want this to be what I’ve been waiting for. I was so excited when I read about Handler taking on screenwriting, feeling assured that it would only be what he wanted, when I saw NPH being cast I was again thrilled at the casting choice but then when I saw Patrick Warburton listed as Snicket’s voice over, I will confess my heart sank.

All I can hope is that Handler takes control and makes it the absolute best it can be. I am still ridiculously excited for the series to come out and I check at least once a week for hidden trailers or clues as to its release date. I love most of the Netflix originals and I’m sure they wouldn’t have taken such a big franchise on if they didn’t want to do it justice. So for now I eagerly await the series and will most likely post review when I binge watch the entire thing in a day.tumblr_o3w1hamw4q1uy9bxfo2_500



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