Welcome to Scouseland

Week one in Liverpool complete and I’ve definitely made the most of it. It’s been a week of gorgeous weather so has given me a lot of opportunity to be out and about in the sun.

I’ve explored the city centre on two occasions (mainly for shopping I will confess) and will be making my third trip this week while my boyfriend’s down visiting to give him a full tourists view. I’ve been to three of the nearest parks to me; Princes, Otterspool and Sefton, with a lot more exploration needed on all three.

It’s only been a week but there’s so much to do around here, I think it’ll be a while before I have a valid excuse to be bored. Take today for instance; my boyfriend arrived last night for a week in Liverpool so we decided today to explore Sefton park, but after spending the afternoon there we didn’t even see the half of it. We walked around the Palm House and sat by the boating lake with ice cream (granted half the afternoon was spent in the queue for said ice cream but still) it was really lovely to do something different and is amazing that there’s still so much to see there. Think another trip is definitely due soon. Anyway, I took a few snaps in the Palm House so I’ll leave you with a small selection.

Bye for now.


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