2 weeks in…

So I’ve been in Liverpool now for 2 weeks and I’ve definitely crammed a lot into my time here. In terms of admin I’m pretty much no straighter then I was before but I can now walk around the city centre without aid of Google Maps so I guess thats something.

My boyfriend came down last week to visit and explore Liverpool for himself. We ventured to Sefton Park, explored the city centre and ‘enjoyed’ the TATE. All in all it was nice to explore Liverpool with someone just as unfamiliar as myself. It wasn’t embarrassing and I could look round the stuff I wanted to and not what people think I should look at. It was a good laugh and I really enjoyed not having to do the touristy stuff by myself.

As well as being two weeks into living in Liverpool, I’m also pretty much a week into this blog and its been interesting. At present I think I’m definitely evolving it more into a film related blog, and I’m still examining what kind of content I want to post. However, one major development in the new blogging adventure is that I now post articles on another film related website. The articles are a little more analysis based but one was featured on the home page recently so it would be great if you could check them out and let me know what you think.

Anyway thats all for now. Thanks for reading my blogs up to now and I’m still really enjoying writing them.


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