Cold Feet Returns!

So I’m not the target audience for this television show. So I never was. So what. I love it. For obvious reasons (I was three) I didn’t watch it when the television series first aired in 1997, but around 13 years later I obsessively watched it. It was at a period of study leave in between some transition in education I can’t quite remember, but mum and dad had the DVD boxset and I just binge watched the entire show for the entire duration of my time home alone. It was just so good! It had me laughing, had me crying, had me cringing, it was amazing! People plugged it as the British version of Friends but I can tell you now, the comparison is none existent. They are two completely different shows with completely different vibes.

Granted, its a show about a group of 6 friends all of whom couple up with one another at varying stages but thats where the similarities stop. Forgive me Friends fans but the stories are more grounded, more realistic. The comedy doesn’t come from over the top scenarios or slapstick, its from laughing at real life situations and British dry wit. I love Friends don’t get me wrong, but Cold Feet gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and embraces ageing and settling down, in mass contrast to Friends. 


Anyways, I type this now after just watching the first episode of the returning series. Yes it’s 10.20pm and I’m sitting on my bed in my pyjamas but I just had to deliver the good news. It’s back! It’s just as good! It hasn’t changed! I laughed, smiled and cried all in the space of just under an hour (damn you adverts). All the original cast members are present and correct (James Nesbitt, Fay Ripley and Hermione Norris being three of my personal favourites) and they still play their characters so perfectly.

After a 13 year gap between the end of the first show to it’s return my initial fears were that it just wouldn’t be the same and in my mind would ruin the enjoyment I had watching it. The actors would play their roles differently, the writing would be different and the humour too crass. I was so wrong though, it’s exactly the same. The series has approached the passing of time beautifully and in essence the show probably needed the gap to progress the story further, make the struggles of life different and allow the target audience to relate to their favourite characters once again.


It was brilliant. I’ll reiterate my point again, I know at 22 I’m not the target audience, it says it all when I spent the entire episode texting my mum, but I would seriously urge you to watch it. From a stand alone perspective without watching the earlier series you’d probably still enjoy it, but I think you enjoy it more knowing the characters history. All seasons are on ITV Hub at the moment so go and catch up. I’m so so excited for next week, I’ll be avidly tuning in, box of tissues at the ready and in my pyjamas once again.


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