So Much To Do.


Lately I feel like all my general posts have been me venting about what jobs need to be done, how I haven’t done them and why I haven’t done them. So it’s time for a blog post about the amount I’m enjoying doing at the moment.

I’m loving Liverpool, I still haven’t really been here very long and haven’t experienced an awful lot of it but that’s what happens when you spend most of your time job searching. I think once I’ve got a job I’ll be more keen to enjoy the days off I have and do more with them. But, considering I’m not doing much of great consequence I also am doing a lot more than I have done previously.

For a start my primary focus is job searching, in a new area with a new start I’m determined to find a job I’ll enjoy. Secondly, after university shook my confidence in the scriptwriting world I’m gonna try and crawl back to it by entering a playwriting competition. I’m enjoying writing again and as playwriting was originally what I wanted to do its like climbing back into a familiar environment. It’s keeping me creative and making me more determined to not give up on what I love.


In addition to this I’m trying to keep both this blog and my articles constant and of a good quality. I enjoy writing and developing my own ideas but I won’t lie, writers block does keep striking and it’s hard to maintain both sometimes.

As a final component in my quest to keep enjoying my true passions, I need to start cracking on and applying for Masters. It’s all go at the moment and I’m enjoying it even if it feels like a lot. It’s something to do and it’s all stuff I want to do.


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