I’m talking ’bout big frustrations

In case you hadn’t guessed from the title, I’m frustrated. I’m at that point in life where I’ve graduated over a year ago and so far I’m in no better position as a result. And people literally can’t handle it.

I graduated in Film and Television Studies, don’t get me wrong I loved it. I loved having a 11214296_10153548591567608_7514914525929548542_ngroup of people, who like me, were obsessed with films and all things creative. We were like the nerdier versions of drama students. I loved my modules, I loved studying and
after being away from it, heck I even loved writing essays. The only problem with the course was and still is that no amount of training or education changes the fact that to get the best out of the course you need money as well. You need money to buy the equipment so you can practise more and have better access to it. You need money to buy the latest editing software that everyone seems to be using. If you don’t you’re bound to the universities assistance where the equipment isn’t so frequently available, and when it is you can’t use it in half the places you want to. You’re bound to the 9.30-5.00 editing hours in the suites if you can even get access to them in the first place. It’s so so frustrating.


I’m not trying to make this post come across as a ‘woe is me, I have no money’ because there are lots of people in the same position as me, loads of people struggling to get their big break. Loads of people struggling to get the same amount of practise with the equipment and experience they need because they can’t get access to it. Industry jobs I’ve pile-british-twenty-pounds-currency-4673217been looking at don’t just want you to have a degree in the area but experience as well, or your own gear and it’s really really hard. What I want to say though, because I need to let it out my system, is no I’m not in an industry related job right now, nor will I be for a while yet, but I’m working at it. That’s the key point I want to stress, no I can’t just hop straight onto my career ladder, a degree is no longer enough, but I’m trying so so hard and putting all that extra work in that’s needed. It just means it’s taking so much longer.

The dream at the moment is to go into university lecturing. I could constantly research, write and read about the areas that interest me as well as share that passion again with others. I’ve completed step one, the degree, I’m just slowly approaching step two, the masters. Moneys the issue once again, if I had it, I’d have already done it but unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. So no, I’m not using my degree right now, but I’m not complacent in not using it. That’s why this blog has come about. That’s why I’m entering competitions and applying for work experience. I’m just biding my time and saving my money.


2 thoughts on “I’m talking ’bout big frustrations

  1. Well first let me congratulate you on graduating college. I understand your frustration I’m in the same boat with the lack of resources and money. But one thing that always try to remind myself is I might not have as much money as my counterparts but what I do has is time and an incredible work ethic. I hope this helps!


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