When illness strikes.

So care of the Welsh mountain air I’ve come back to the city scape of Liverpool a little ill. In normal circumstances I’d carry on regardless but with a job interview looming on Tuesday I’m taking it easy and resting to ensure maximum recovery till then. Being a massive believer of ‘laziness cures all’ here’s a list of the top things that make me feel so much better;

Bed – I absolutely love my bed. I don’t mean to brag but I’m an expert at making beds a haven. I love cushions, throws and super soft duvets and pillows. If I’m ill, my bed is my sanctuary. I nap, watch films and random stuff all from the comfort of my bed. It’s glorious.dsc03670

Netflix – When ill, Netflix is a life saver. With so many films and tv series on it the need to leave said bed haven to swap DVD’s or whatever has been subdued. Now if I’m ill and want to doze in and out of a film I can just leave Netflix playing.

YouTube – When the boredom kicks in and I need something else to watch I turn to YouTube. Call me a nerd but I love watching playthroughs of games I’ll never afford or own. They’re so easy to dip in and out of and you can just sit there and zone out.


Junk Food – You’re tired, lazy and bummed out. You need a little pick me up. Time to turn to all that you shouldn’t do and snack and eat rubbish. For me this came courtesy of my boyfriend who very kindly bought me a McDonalds. The healing powers of a little extra sugar and 1000 extra calories is amazing.

Tissues – Those of you dear readers that know me well know I’m never without tissues. Allergies can attack at any time and it’s better to be prepared. When ill, however, tissues are the tools for healing. If you’re bunged up and bummed out, tissues make the world go round.dsc03674

I’ve given you a little insight of my world when all isn’t film and I have to fess up that when I’m ill I watch absolutely rubbish films. I don’t seem to have the concentration and don’t wanna waste a good film when I can’t focus on it properly. I tend to watch naff rom-coms but mostly stick to series till I feel well enough. It’s sad but true. We all have our little curative rituals and this is a sample of mine.


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