Swiss Army Man


A lot of the films I’ve been writing about I regularly mention how excited I am for their release blah blah blah, but Swiss Army Man is a film I’ve been excited about for so long. When deciding to write about this particular upcoming release I became very aware of how much I use the word ‘excited’ in blog posts, meaning when I am exceedingly excited about something it won’t come across. Trust me though. When this film is released, I have to see it.

Perhaps not everyones cup of tea, Swiss Army Man is somewhat more off the wall film to those I’ve discussed beforehand. Taking from IMDB‘s description of the film, it follows a hopeless man stranded on a desert island who befriends a dead body and together they go on a surreal journey home. Yep. It’s a little weird. When I’ve shown the trailer to friends, they’ve been totally confused, but from what I gather you need to take the title of the film literally.
paul-dano-swiss-army-manWinning an award at the Sundance Festival, it’s obvious the film is not just a random attempt at an art film but is a unique new concept. Writers and directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert are not names I’m familiar with, nor are any of their earlier films but the two have worked together on a lot of projects and judging by the films success at Sundance and the draw its had with casting would suggest this is a film to watch.

Paul Dano is cast in the leading role which for me is a big draw. The films I’ve seen him in (Ruby Sparks, Little Miss Sunshine and Love and Mercy) have always been brilliant and quirky. He’s a very emotive actor, normally playing introverted characters with big frustrations but he can carry a film. His actions are believable and emotionally charged and I just love his awkwardness. Alongside him is Daniel Radcliffe as the ‘dead body,’ another awkwardly charming actor. Still trying to shake his Harry Potter shadow, I have only seen Radcliffe in Woman In Black since his well known role ended and I thought he was okay. He’s not the most dynamic of actors, his emotional range is minimal and he’s always been slightly swiss-army-man-daniel-radcliffewooden, but if you’ll excuse the slight insult, maybe he would make a good dead body? He’s good actor but to carry an intriguing film is perhaps out of his range.
Despite not being released in the UK till the 30th September, the film has already been released for quite some time in the USA. While this has made my wait so much more annoying, it does allow for film reviews to have already been released, giving us a good sense of what may be in store. Some reviews are a little on the negative side but that doesn’t put me off too much, as like I said, it’s not going to be everyones cup of tea. The general consensus though is positive; Rotten Tomatoes states the film is ‘disarmingly odd and thoroughly well-acted. Swiss Army Man offers adventurous viewers an experience as rewarding as it is impossible to categorise.’

I’m always on the lookout for something completely different and from what I’ve seen and read Swiss Army Man is definitely one that fits the bill. I’m in love with Paul Dano and I’m in love with the concepts present in the film.


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