What I’m Watching: September

So I thought it might be cool to have a chilled conversation each month for me to just tell you guys what I’m watching. A lot of the stuff I watch in my spare time I’m not going to review properly because I like just watching stuff without critiquing it, or I don’t give things the full attention to quantify reviewing it. In these monthly segments my definition of ‘watching’ is gonna be a particular series that I’ve watched at least once a week or a film I’ve watched but don’t feel like reviewing yet for whatever reason. So without further ado, this is some of the stuff I’ve watched this September:

Stranger Things – If you haven’t guessed I’d been watching this then seriously, pay attention. I’m not even going to summarise any further just gonna link you straight to my review of it and then my Netflix recommendations.

house-tv-showHouse – I don’t feel the need to review this because I honestly don’t consider it an amazing piece of televisual viewing. It’s literally the same narrative formula every episode and is nothing complicated or particularly progressive. It’s good though, I enjoy it, think a medical version of CSI. Same formulas every episode but slowly progressive back stories for the central characters. Good to zone out to and just enjoy.

Great British Bake Off – If you’re British and love food chances are you’ll have seen at least one episode of this popular mid week show. It is brilliant. Granted, I’m in my early 20’s and this show makes me feel about 20 years older but it’s still such a good show to curl up on the sofa and watch…with cake.

Cold Feet – Again, not going to bother summarising this, I already wrote a pretty hyped post about its return and my response to that. It’s so good and is completely relatable.

Would I Lie To You? – British TV panel show. Absolutely hilarious.would-i-lie-to-you Basic concept – a contestant reads out a fact about themselves, the opposing team has to decide if it’s the truth or a lie. Full of double bluffs and crazy scenarios, this show has had me crying with laughter on multiple occasions.

Hunted – New series premiers on Thursday (22/09/16) so I thought I’d catch up and watch the previous series. Contestants apply to try and become fugitives, evading intelligence for 28 days. They’re huntedgiven £450 and have to live life on the run for that time while hunters track them down using CCTV, mobile tracking and any means possible. So good.

Film wise I haven’t watched anything else that I haven’t reviewed. With job hunting, I prefer putting on a series and bingeing rather than getting distracted by a movie plot. But yeah, I hope this has given you a little insight into my watching habits and I’ll give this a go again in October.



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