The Hype Train Continues…

Readers may have noticed that I was somewhat excited and eagerly awaiting the release of Burton’s latest film Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. Well in true hype train form I saw a bargain and thus purchased it.


Yes. I saw the book and saw an opportunity. It firstly allows me to get more hyped than I was previously but now also means that when I’m finally able to watch the film I can try and draw a comparison and enhance the review somewhat more. Timing wise it might mean a bit of a wait for a review or I might fan girl over this film even more and write a review of the film and then a comparison later on. But then again that already sounds like too much Miss Peregrine…

Anyway, there are a few really cool features in the book that I’ve already noticed from just flicking through. It’s so cool! I’m so excited! This is completely up my street and my kind of genre. At random intervals throughout the book there are pages of creepy photos to enhance the story and try and make the fantasy feel more real.

Not only that though but I spotted this cheeky little review from the front page;

wp-1474578962723.jpgMy favourite phrase ever – ‘Tim Burton-esque’. Definitely a good sign and even more so considering his upcoming adaptation. I can’t wait.


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