Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) UPDATED

One of the main things I do to build up my own personal excitement for upcoming films is to flick through the IMDB list of ‘New Movies Coming Soon’. IMDB is one of my favourite sites ever for looking up actors or information about films and I use it at least once a day. Anyway, after introducing my boyfriend to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise I became aware of the newest instalments release next year. After the flop of On Stranger Tides in 2011, the hype and interest in this incredible film series has all but disappeared, but correct me if I’m wrong, I think this will be the instalment that brings everyone back.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the series ever since the first three films initial release. I think they are absolutely amazing films with incredible casts, amazing story lines and the most beautiful music soundtracks. Pirates of the Caribbean has always been my favourite major franchise but I will admit, until re-watching them all again recently I had forgotten
how much I loved them. johnny-depp-captain-jsckForget Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings it’s all about pirates. All my family have been major fans and it’s the only serious franchise we’ve all watched together as there’s something in it for everyone with the hilarity, spooks and clever twists. When On Stranger Tides was released we were all a little hesitant to watch it. The film never received good reviews and even now still has a low 32% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, when we finally bought the DVD I was pleasantly surprised. Okay it’s missing some of the key components of what made a Pirates of the Caribbean film such as the Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan narrative and the sea battles and expeditions but it’s still a good film in it’s own right. The humour is still there and it’s still a good narrative, it just wasn’t what people expected.

I’m not painting the best picture of this upcoming release but trust me when I say I think it’s going to be good. Want to know how I know? Casting. Will Turner is making a comeback with Orlando Bloom present on the cast list and more surprisingly Geoffrey Rush is returning with his character Captain Barbosa. For those of you that have seen the films so far Rush’s character enhances the films with his excellent performance as a double crossing pirate. However, one new addition in particular caught my eye and has convinced me of this films ability to do well, Javier Bardem. Known for his sinister rolepirates-caribbean-5-javier-bardems in James Bond film Skyfall and the Coen Brothers No Country for Old Men, Bardem is brilliantly  talented at making audiences sit on the edge of their seats. I think he’ll make an excellent pirate and add those sinister undertones to the film series once more.

With little information on the film itself, it is all speculation and anybodies guess at the moment as to how the film will turn out. Only a simple narrative description has been given on IMDB stating the film follows central protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow on a quest for Poseidon’s trident. As for the release date of the film, it has jumped about a lot and at present sits with its release on the 26th May 2017 but whether they push it back again to catch the summer holiday audiences who knows. Ultimately I’m intrigued by the latest instalment and with a 6 year gap between its prequel release date its about time there was a new Pirates of the Caribbean addition.


As if by magic, the trailer was released today and it confirms everything I had previously written about. IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE. Bardem looks absolutely terrifying in his role and the film looks like its returning to it’s slightly spookier origins as opposed to a family entertainment film. Definitely watch the trailer yourself using the link above but here’s some sneaky screenshots for you.



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