Okay so for my own benefit and also yours I thought I’d outline what my plans are for this blog over the next month. Again, I still haven’t watched enough films recently to review so I think my first plan is to get watching some films again so I have plenty to talk about. It’s all well and good discussing upcoming releases but I enjoy talking about films that are already out because not everyone can go to the cinema all that often.

Speaking of the cinema, I am off to watch Swiss Army Man today so there should be an official review up very shortly. I’m also hoping to go and see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children soon and I’m racing through the book so it might be quite cool to do the comparison I had discussed previously.

I am watching a lot more television at present so I might discuss a few more TV shows and do another What I’m Watching for October because I now have a lot more to talk about.

My biggest concern however is that once I’m back working I will have less time to watch stuff to review so I’m unsure as to how best to tackle that when it happens. I may be fine but it might need sussing out a little more because blogging once a day is quite demanding when I’m writing other articles and scriptwriting at present. What I might give a go this month to test the water is to open up the blog posts I do. I might discuss my daily life a little more or talk about more behind the scenes stuff. I don’t want this blog to become really self focussed, I enjoy writing about stuff that concerns a general interest as opposed to myself so I’m hesitant to do that but I am finding it difficult to come up with enough material every day.

So what I’m trying to say is that while this month there will still be the usual reviews, discussions and lists I might also try some newer stuff and see how I enjoy it and see what the response is to it. I’ll still be trying to post every day but bear with me if I can’t.


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