Film Haul

So while most bloggers do a makeup haul or clothes haul or whatever else, I can safely say I don’t really buy enough of each of those but what I am a sucker for is film related goodies. I thought it might be cool to show you my recent additions, I haven’t ever done one before so here we go.



I’ve been using Celtx since waaaayyyy before university, since way before college even. For those of you not in the know, Celtx is basically a programme for formatting scripts (screen and stage) and generating storyboards etc. It’s basically a massive template that you edit yourself, so the user types out the elements of their scripts and then can toggle between what that text is and the software formats it for you. I know a lot of my friends prefer to format their scripts themselves but for me it’s such a quick and easy way to write, I don’t have to concentrate on how I’m formatting, I can focus on the content. Anyway, I’ve had it since about the age of 14 when I really wanted to write scripts for Doctor Who. I can’t remember how I found out about it but I used it from the off to write. Since then it’s been useful at college and university and now when I write in my spare time, it’s still the easiest thing for me to use. You used to be able to get the programme for free, you can probably still find the file somewhere to use, but with a new update they want you to use the programme in browser if you’re going to use it for free. For me however, I love to switch off completely when I write so I need to access it offline so I treated myself to the newest software and it looks and feels so much slicker. Definitely recommend.

Hollywood Cinema: Second Edition by Richard Maltby

This was an absolute steal and I will happily tell you how much I spent on this. Currently you can buy this book on Amazon for £30. I spotted it in Oxfam for £3. How could I resist? It’s a book I used throughout my entire time at university and as a big lover of Hollywood cinema, in particular Classical Hollywood, it’s a really good resource to use. I get this is probably only useful for film students but it is just such a good book and I was so unbelievably happy to find it in such good condition.

Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast

dscn1526 No regrets again. I’m sorry, it’s lame, I’m a film student, I shouldn’t love Disney as much as I do but when they’re on offer I just cannot resist. Disney are my go to films if I’m feeling rundown or just mopey and when they were all taken off Netflix I did die a little inside. BUT I am slowly but surely gaining a small collection of the classics, as mentioned in my list of the top these were in my favourites so I cannot wait to watch them again sometime soon.

Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyssey


So I cheated a little with this one. I haven’t bought it but I did find it in Liverpool Central Library and had to take it out. If I enjoy it I definitely will buy it, but for the moment I’m just looking forward to reading it. I’m a big Richard Ayoade fan and the idea of this book just seems so totally hilarious. If you know Ayoade’s humour, picture a book where he’s interviewing himself and now see why I can’t wait to read it. So excited and maybe he can be my first book review.


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