Black Mirror

As you should definitely know by now I am a huge fan of slightly darker toned books, films and TV series. Black Mirror is definitely a darker toned series. With its close examinations on society and playing on our growing fears in an ever modernising and changing world, gallery-1471553486-cqktqcmweaan-7oBlack Mirror is a series that definitely gets under your skin and changes the way you think. It’s two previous seasons being screened on Channel 4, the latest series is now coming to Netflix on the 21st October.

Created by Charlie Brooker, Mr Satire himself, the past series have been 3 episodes of stand alone dramas playing on techno-paranoia to varying degrees. We’ve seen the fears and problems associated with social media sites exploited, the darkness behind reality TV talent shows revealed and the danger of technology imagined. The series plays on fears not too far from home and makes you aware of the void that is your own ‘black mirror’ in TV screens, laptops, phones and tablets. I absolutely love the clever nature of this series and how it predicts a future not to far off what you can imagine it would be like. For the most part the episodes aren’t set too far ahead, instead keeping a level of realism to make the stories all the more harrowing as you realise how convincing the storylines are. I come away from most episodes thinking ‘yeah that could actually happen one day’ and I’ll warn you now, it’s never good.


I’ve tried to introduce this series to a number of people, some like me have revelled in it’s cynicism and spent hours with me then discussing our possible realities, for others it’s too bleak, too scary and too dark. I’m naturally sceptical about quite a lot, I love arguing against the norm and I’m not always enamoured by the latest technology so for me this series is spot on. My love for Brooker is what made me watch Black Mirror initially because he like me has a level of sarcastic wit that few people appreciate, but unlike me he comes up with incredible theories and remarks about society that you would never think of otherwise. blackmirror

And now, the series is back with 6 more episodes to stream on Netflix. I feel like this is a new point Brooker could comment on with the new streaming entertainment abilities, but still. It’s back with Brooker in command once again, telling IndieWire that he wants to evoke more of a response in audiences leaving them horrified and staggering away. There are no ad-breaks on Netflix and no restrictions in terms of length or censorship so this could be the darkest series yet. There are more assisting writers and more episodes and with only five days till release date, I am so ready for it.


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