From Screen to Stage

So as I’m sure I’ve mentioned multiple times before I’m in the process of writing a stage play for a competition at present and as is always the way with me and writing, it’s taking time. I have a love to hate relationship with scriptwriting, always have, always will. I get an idea, fine, plan it and begin writing aaanddd then I stop for weeks. I write loads in a burst and then can’t bare to touch it for ages afterwards. It doesn’t matter what the script is or how much I love it, I go through phases where I just absolutely hate it.

Anyway, after three years of writing screenplays at university I’m loving getting back to where I started and writing for stage. I used to love writing screenplays, handwriting them all in a little journal and taking them to my teachers to proof read. At high school I even got the chance to write the school pantomime which I absolutely loved. Then Doctor Who came along and I was obsessed with writing scripts for the series after reading Doctor Who: A Writers Tale by Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook. After all that though and so long I’m back to what got me going and nothings changed. If anything I prefer it.


I’m a little script shy and hate people reading through my work but maybe when its done I’ll post a short extract on here and you can let me know what you think.


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