What I’m Watching: October

Back again for another month. Again I’m gonna list stuff here that I watched without necessarily wanting to review, I may do but I may not. Who knows. I’ve been watching a little bit more this month so here goes.

National Treasure – I have already reviewed this television series because it was worthy of some extreme praise. Having since watched the finale I can confirm it’s a series definitely worth a watch.

Hunted – The new series has started and nearly finished, it’s not as good as the previous series, a lot more seems staged and set up. It’s a little too convenient.

limitless-movie-poster-new-2Limitless – It’s my second viewing of this film and I rewatched because it’s a really cool concept. The second viewing reminded me however, that once the concept was introduced and run through it was a little drawn out. I know there’s the television series based on the film now which I’m interested to check out and see if they use the concept better.

Black Mirror – I have already made a post about the newest series before it’s releaseblack-mirror-logo but now the series is out, I have pretty much binged the entire thing so be ready for a full review to be released soon. Quick taster of what to expect: disappointment.

House – Yep. Still watching.

Cold Feet – The latest series has drawn to a close and the brilliance I saw in the first episode continued the entire way through the series. Absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait for the

Bojack Horseman – I’ve watched the first couple of episodes of this and I have to say it’s pretty funny. Not Family Guy kind of funny but a more random kind of funny. It’s okay.

red_dwarf_logoRed Dwarf – Not the new series before you think anything. I’ve been watching it right from the beginning because it’s on Netflix at the moment and why not? I can’t watch too much in one go though because Rimmer is the most annoying character ever. He’s meant to be intolerable but he’s really really intolerable.

Hotel Transylvania – I don’t even know why I watched this to be honest. It just somehow ended up being played. Anyway. It’s not the best animated movie ever but it was okay. It passed the time and there are some funny moments.



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