Guilty Pleasures

Winter is coming and it’s that time of year where I just want to chill out in front of the television and cosy up in bed or on the sofa, but this year has been the year where what I’m watching has sparked a ‘you’re watching that?!’ or a ‘you’re still watching that?!’ or just a small smirk upon said persons face.

Tonight, dear readers, I want to talk to you about my guilty pleasures. I appear to have accumulated a lot more since graduating university but maybe that’s because I’m no longer in danger of seeming less film student-esque in front of fellow peers. But you know what? There’s no harm in it at all. I’m not trying to inflict my guilty pleasures upon other people because I acknowledge they are just that- guilty pleasures.

They’re good because they’re not trying to be anything but light entertainment but they’re generally something completely different to what you would normally watch. They’re things like the soppy and heart warming Gilmore Girls, the funny and romantic How I Met Your Mother and the sarcastically brilliant House. Yes, I watch all of the afore mentioned but so what? I’m not claiming they’re the best thing on television or telling people to watch them but I enjoy my guilty pleasures and what’s wrong with that?


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