Mirrors (2008)

Directed by Alexandre Ajamirrors

Starring – Kiefer Sutherland, Paula Patton and Amy Smart

When ex-cop Ben (Kiefer Sutherland) takes on a new job as a nightwatchman over the mysterious run-down Mayflower department store with only the mirrors inside left intact, terrifying illusions begin to present themselves and Ben begins to wonder if he’s losing it. But when the images in the immaculate mirrors start to cause him physical harm, Ben begins to fear there might be more to it than just illusion.

I’ve been meaning to watch this film for years but I already get a little freaked out by mirrors so I was kinda scared to. Years have passed though so I felt it was time and I’m really glad I did. With a runtime of just under 2 hours I was a little worried that once the concept had been introduced it would run dry about halfway through but the tension is maintained throughout. The concept allowed for a lot to play with so the gradual progression through to the climax of the film was a constant downward spiral and every time you though Ben had reached his biggest struggle, it got harder.


The concept is pretty unique if you don’t acknowledge its predecessor Into the Mirror and the more recent Oculus and the narrative is really clever which is good because it doesn’t need to rely on the pretty shoddy acting. The film is plugged a lot on Kiefer Sutherland’s part in the film but if I’m honest I didn’t really know anything else he’d been in bar 24 but his performance in Mirrors was really nothing to rave about at all. There is also the cliche inclusion of creepy children in the narrative which of course meant my least favourite thing- child actors and if I’m honest they really justified my hatred.

There’s dodgy acting and dodgy effects but none of that affected my enjoyment of the film at all. It’s really well paced and well thought out. It’s not too scary, jumpy here and there, but overall is just tense and creepy. I’m a big big fan of Oculus which I had watched before Mirrors and the two are very comparable in terms of how the story plays out pacing wise. There are twists and turns everywhere right through to the final ending that made me gasp out loud.


If you’re critical about individual elements in films then try not to focus on the above mentioned downsides because it really is a good film. It’s not a masterpiece but if you’re a big horror fan it does introduce something completely new. I love horror films but I’m fed up of watching half of it before realising the concept has been played out already. If you’re the same as me then definitely give Mirrors a go.


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