My New Kit

I’ve recently been asked to film a series of events throughout the next year to help promote and generally document goings-on. As a result I was given an absolutely gorgeous microphone for my camera and after testing the new setup I thought I’d show you guys it.

Before I start I’m just going to say I’m probably the perfect example of a filmmaker on a budget, I have nothing massively fancy (bar the microphone) and my editing software consists of free trials or iMovie. I’ve never been gifted in using technology so I prefer to keep things simple to try and get the best possible results. HOWEVER for aspiring filmmakers out there who like me have never had the money to fork out for the best possible equipment, I’m happy with what I’ve got and it’s all really easy to use.

Without further ado here’s the new setup.


This is my new absolutely beautiful microphone, it was given to me but with an RRP of around £50 ($63) it’s not the most expensive bit of kit in the world. RØDE are one of the top brands for recording equipment so its worth the money. It’s designed to sit on top of a DSLR camera, locking into place through the Hot Shoe nicely. The springy shock mount surrounding the microphone protects it well from knocks and jolts interfering with the sound. I’ve tested it out and it’s so crisp and just having that on top even minimises the jolty sounds you sometimes get when even holding your camera.

It’s a very lightweight camera, not even noticeable when its mounted and sits out of the way. With no battery required it’s cheap to run, not needing to fork out for batteries every time they run down. It instead runs off the power given from plugging in to the microphone input socket. I have only tested the sound so far but I am  very impressed and would definitely recommend.

This bit of kit doesn’t look like much but I wouldn’t be able to mount the microphone without it. My DSLR is a Sony and as a result it doesn’t have a standard Hot Shoe fitting to connect attachments to. This tiny thing slots onto the Sony Hot Shoe and adapts it to a standard fitting. I bought this one on Amazon for about £8.99, Sony wanted me to fork out £20 for their own but I decided against that for a very obvious reason. It fits very well onto my camera and holds securely so I’m more than happy with it.


This is how it looks overall, its lightweight and compact and all you need if you’re just a one man film crew. I’m not planning on doing anything major with this but it will be really good to get my camera out again and practise and learn. DSLR’s aren’t cheap especially if you’re going for top end Canon’s or Nikons but I am absolutely blown away by the Sony A65 and the quality it produces. This camera was bough second hand but the previous owner obviously looked after it well as it seemed almost new. The A65 is a couple of generations old now but you can still by second hand cameras online. I accept that with newer models the technology advances but I’m still really happy with what I have now and won’t be changing any time soon.


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