Long Way Round (2004)

After getting halfway through this series a while back I thought it was 510dqebwvql-_ac_ul320_sr202320_finally time to complete it and I forgot how I much I loved these documentaries. Its hard to write a review in my standard format for a documentary series but I felt the series still deserved a mention nonetheless.

Starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, the documentary follows the two during their planning and undertaking on a motorbike ride from London through to New York travelling east through countries like Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Alaska and Canada. Every episode covers a new leg of the journey, generally an episode per country they pass through. As well as being followed by a camera man, Claudio, the two take with them their own personal cameras on their helmets and a handheld recorder. The documentary offers multiple insights into the journey they make through different viewpoints and perspectives from both McGregor and Boorman as well as the crew.


The sense of adventure they all share, in addition to the great friendships creates some amazing moments on screen as they explore different cultures and environments. I wouldn’t call myself a lover of motorbikes but even the elements of engineering and challenge that are undertaken as they are battered by the elements are so interesting to watch.

For the most part, the support crew travel some distance behind the two bikers so the two friends can have their own adventure and approach new people without overloading them. It’s so heartwarming to see different cultures openness and generosity and in return McGregor and Boorman’s response.


All aspects of the journey are covered and the audience is allowed to see the highs and lows of each stage. I love Ewan McGregor anyway but the banter the two friends share and the teamwork they display when overcoming some difficult obstacles makes for excellent viewing and I would urge anyone to watch the series.


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