The Maze Runner (2014)

Directed by Wes Ball

Starring – Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario and Will Poulter

When Thomas awakes in a cage full of supplies slowly travelling upwards
he has no idea what to expect. Soon finding himself in the realm of The Glade he must quickly adapt to the life that the other teenage inhabitants have set up and stop his curiosity about the maze outside.THE MAZE RUNNER

This is now my second attempt at writing this review. The first attempt is floating around somewhere in the realm of unsaved work, never to be retrieved. Anyway. The Maze Runner is a story I’d first heard about when I read the book and I didn’t come away from that particularly excited. The same can now be said of the film. Neither one peaked my interest and neither one do I feel the need to in anyway.

007-1024x682Both show such promise with a new and inventive idea but for me fall short with the obvious set up for a sequel. I’m okay with that sometimes but when the plot explains absolutely nothing, leaving the sequel to so that, it is somewhat frustrating. I get that sometimes you hold key information back to entice the audience but not literally everything. In some senses the film is even worse than the book because at least that gives you chance to get to know the characters and the environment they inhabit. The film didnt even do that meaning that when tense conflict or heartfelt emotion was supposed to occur between the character it seemed really off.

maze2In part this was down to poor casting Thomas Brodie-Sangster is a brilliant actor and he was cast a side part. Why not as the lead role? Will Poulter wasn’t given much of a chance either with his character not given the chance it needed, his sinister moments seemed really random and desperate. The acting wasn’t awful I just dont think the scripting helped them out at all.

It’s a shame because it’s clear from the effects that the budget wasnt a small one but it almost seems a waste. With a runtime of 113 minutes the plot could expand on so much more but it seems the effects dominated and narrative was an afterthought. It wasnt a dreadful watch but in the same way I dont feel the need to reread the book, I don’t feel like I’d ever want to watch the film again.


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