This is Us

I’m aware that this an American television series that has already aired over there but us Brits are a bit behind the times and are only just seeing it. So far the pilot has aired and that’s it but I though it was worthy of discussion so here I am, discussing.


I first heard about the series on IMDB where it was listed as a series to look out for. Having already been screened in the US I was aware it had been received well and the trailer really sold it to me. I was eager to find a way to watch it and hadn’t till my housemate came into my room the other day telling me she had just watched it on Channel 4. And there it was. Episode one. Needless to say I watched it at my next available opportunity, which brings me to this present discussion right now.

I enjoyed it. It had all the feel good vibes of a Richard Curtis family/romantic drama with a twist. There were highs and lows and a clever mesh of storylines. The acting was solid and it looks rich and cinematic.

This Is Us - Season 1

But. I’m worried. Episode one was introducing characters and revealing a twist but now what? It seemed to me that the narratives told had reached some kind of conclusion by the end of the episodes. There was no real cliffhanger to draw you back for more and I don’t know if I liked that. There’s no hint as to what the characters goals are or anything like that because they all seemed to reach them. I don’t know where the story will go.

I mean I’m saying this as a woman who has been binge watching Gilmore Girls for the past week but I don’t get where the story is going. I will watch episode two because I am intrigued and maybe that’s the way the series draws you in, but so far I’m undecided.



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